Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Crafty Wonderland 2010

I went on a field trip this past weekend with my dearest friend Debe.  We drove down to Portland to meet up with my sister and attend Crafty Wonderland at the Portland Convention Center.  I learned about this craft fair last year, so I made plans to attend for sure this year!  As a child, my mom would take me and my two sisters to craft fairs and I'm sure that strengthened my love for all things handmade.  I knew that a few of my favorite artists and illustrators would be there and I definitely wanted to meet them.  

This is Lisa Golightly, the artist behind Kiki and Polly.  She is a classically trained artist who paints beautiful, faceless pictures inspired by many things including vintage photos.  This was her first Crafty Wonderland and her table was quite popular!  She inspired me because she is a mom of two young kids and is a successful artist, all while keeping her kids her #1 priority.  It can be done :)  Yay!

This is Johanna Wright.  She is one of my favorite illustrators.  Her work just makes you smile!  I felt so silly because I have followed her blog for a while and when I was able to meet her in person, I felt like she was this celebrity ;)  I know, I'm a dork and had my friend Debe snap some photos, but Johanna didn't seem to mind.  In fact, she was so down to earth and very encouraging when I told her I want to have a booth at this craft fair in the near future and illustrate my own children's book.  I purchased her newest book, The Secret Circus, and a painting for my little boy's room called The Campout. 

Ahh yes, there it is in my hand :)

It was a really fun weekend!  And my first time overnight without my little one!  WOW!  I missed him, but I knew he was in very capable hands since my sweet hubby watched him for me and encouraged me to attend the fair.  Crafty Wonderland also does a Christmas Fair, so I might just head back down to visit my sister and get some more crafty inspiration!  

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