Monday, May 17, 2010

Here it goes!

Let me just start by saying that art has always been a part of my life.  Always!  I can remember from a very young age being excited at the thought of creating, drawing, painting, crafting, doing anything artistic really and my heart would leap when I thought about ideas I had gathering in my mind.  I have book and books of drawings I've made as early on as 5 and 6 years old.  I still remember certain pieces of art that I made in elementary school of which I was so proud.  And this passion and drive for art has never faded.  That makes me happy.  Yet, one thing I have never seemed to get past is my fear of putting my art out there for people to see.  Simple fact is that I am afraid of rejection and criticism.  I'm afraid that some people won't like it or that I'd be silly to try and sell my paintings.  Or that because I didn't get a degree in an art major (instead I studied Spanish), I don't have the skills or the right to pursue this passion of mine.  But I've been inspired to put myself out there and not hide anymore.  Not worry anymore.  Just have fun with it and enjoy what I have always enjoyed and realize that my art will bring people joy and others may not like it and that's OKAY :)  I'm really opening up here and I'm a little nervous about it.  Some might say 'What's the big deal?' or 'Why is this such a scary thing?'.  But my dreams and goals are important enough to me that I am ready and willing to try.

Now to the part that intimidates me: actually sharing my goals with you :)  I really want to have a successful business of my own.  I started an Etsy shop a couple years ago and I am still working on finding my niche.  For me, having my own business isn't just a money thing.  Yes, making an income doing something I love would be a wonderful blessing.  I think most people hope to work at something meaningful to them while earning a living.  But I also want to pursue my passion and prove to myself that life is about living and trying and sometimes failing, and trying again until you find your path.  Many worthwhile gifts in this life don't come easily.  Working towards your goals and making new ones along the way is for our good.  It helps us grow and stretch and overcome and conquer our fears.  Life is so precious and we only have a short time on this earth.  I know that this life is a gift and it's meant to be a time of learning.    

After having my son, I had a lot of time to really ponder what means the most to me and is dearest to my heart.  It all comes back to family for me!  I want to live a joyful, meaningful life filled with people I love and who love me and I want to say that I tried and did my very best to use my talents to bless my family and the lives of others.  They are my biggest supporters and cheerleaders and they inspire me when they encourage me to follow my heart.  So here it goes...I'm starting this blog as a journal of my artistic journey as I strive for my goals and wildest dreams of being a successful independent artist all the while taking care of my #1 priority, my family.  I want to be consistent and hope to post at least a few times a week keeping a log of my art and my creative journey.  I would love your feedback, or just a happy hello :)  Life is a miracle!  Why not uplift and support each other along the road.

[My baby and me after his first fun session of finger whole-body painting!]

My baby boy just woke up from his morning nap and I'm looking forward to seeing that smiling face of his as I walk through his door.  And kissing his pudgy cheeks...they smell like the strawberry yogurt we had for breakfast :)

I truly thank you for taking time to read my most personal thoughts and wishes...some that are still scary to send out into the world, but I'm ready to stop worrying and live my best life, so here it goes...

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