Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Baby headbands are so popular right now!

I decided to try and make a few headbands for my friend's new baby girl.  I've seen these all over the blogging/photography world and thought it would be fun to whip out a few for my sweet friend.  I used some stretchy jersey fabric, as well as some wool felt.  I looked up average baby head circumferences for the different ages (since my newborn is now 18 months old!) and then made the headband part 2 inches shorter because the material stretches.  The you can add whatever embellishments you'd like...rosettes, yo-yo's, silk flowers, wool flowers.  It's a fun project that doesn't cost a lot and it would make a great baby shower gift (too bad little baby boys can't wear these ;)  I thought the top one would be perfect for a cute Halloween outfit and the bottom one matches an adorable summer outfit that she can wear when she turns a year old.  

They are coming to you in the mail, Jaimie!

1 comment:

  1. Em, you are the nicest EVER for buying a headband from my shop when you (obviously) can make them on your own. You're such a thoughtful girl! I love the way they turned out, great job!

    I'd love to see who else is selling these if you've found them so that I can compare my pricing and quality to theirs....

    AAAh, I love baby headbands. I just love girls in general.