Monday, August 30, 2010

A dolly for Willow

I made this doll for a bitty baby named Willow from a pattern I found a while back.  This pattern is so simple and easy to customize!  You can make felt or fabric clothing, add embellishments like buttons, jewelry, bows, socks or shoes, and change the hair styles.  The pattern doesn't include the extras, so I just had fun being creative and made some cute pigtails :)  And there are SO MANY adorable fabrics out there!  In the past, I've made dolls for Halloween decorations, as well as for Christmas.  And you can make dolls for boys too (just don't tell them it's a doll and they'll play with it)...monsters, cowboys, whatever :)  

Some other changes that I added also include filling the arms and legs with rice instead of poly-fill.  It helps them to look more relaxed and not stick straight out.  On this doll, I painted the face with acrylics.  But I have also drawn the face on with non-bleed waterproof markers.  Craft/fabric stores carry them.    

Willow's mom sent me this photo...such a CUTIE PIE!!!!
I would love to see your custom dolls if you make some.  Feel free to leave me a comment with a link to your photos!


  1. I can't decide what cuter, a doll or a baby lol:)

  2. oh...Willow is so cute! <3 the doll and fabrics!