Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DIY Skirt

Getting our craft on again :)  My sister Ann and I always like to do a crafty project when we get together, so this time is was a simple homemade skirt.  We used this tutorial and it was really straightforward.  One helpful hint:  when it says to stretch the elastic while you are sewing the fabric on, do it!  It will allow the skirt to fit better and more comfortably.  

You can also make one for a smaller cutie pie in your life or make some great baby shower gifts!  It's a fun project that doesn't require mad sewing skills.  So many fabric choices out there...I'm definitely going to make another one soon :)  Have fun sewing!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Under the rainy weather...

Whew, I caught a feisty little bug this weekend that has stopped me in my tracks!  My very patient husband has let me get all the rest I need while he's entertained our bitsy boy, but I can't wait until this cold is on his way out of town!  I miss feeling healthy and having energy :)  With all my downtime, I've had a few moments to make a new little that's very appropriate with the constant rain we've been having these past few days.  I've always loved the rain.  It makes everything look greener, feel fresher, and I love the way the street lamps glow on dark, damp nights.  It feels so cozy and quiet.  

So let me introduce you to Patrick and Lucille.  They are snuggled underground with their warm cups of cocoa (melted marshmallows included), busy chatting in hushed tones about their days and their excitement for the upcoming holiday season.

What do you love to do most on rainy, soggy days?

Reader's Creation

A big thank you to Jill who sent me a fun email this past week!  She shared her PSE creation with me that she made for her friend using my tutorial.

Isn't it darling?  Great job, Jill!  I love the contrast of the dark blue on white and he has such a cute profile!  Thank you for sharing!!  I'm sure your friend will love it :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Charity Auction

About a month ago, I was asked to donate some of my art to a local charity auction for the Northwest Infant Survival and SIDS Alliance.  I personally know too many parents who have lost their little ones far too early, some due to SIDS or other complications.  I was honored to be a part of this!  Being a mother myself, I know that the love a parent has for their child is indescribable, no matter how long or short their life is here on earth.  I also know that we will be able to live together again someday as families.  I wanted to create a couple of new pieces that would be appropriate for this fundraiser.  Here they are!  
'You Give My Heart Wings'

'Daddy Loves You'

This is how they look framed.  

The middle section is for a child's photo.  

I'm thinking of listing these as a limited edition print in my Etsy shop (that isn't currently open).  What do you guys think?  Would they sell?  Why am I so darn apprehensive?  How much do you think is reasonable for an 8x10?  I'd love to hear your thoughts...even if I don't know you!  Thanks for all the love :)  I hope you have a very Happy Monday!  Go play in the sunshine and if it's cloudy, make yourself an ice cream cone anyway :)  Doctor's orders!