Sunday, February 20, 2011

We made it!!!

(L to R: Jean Pierre, Martina, Francoise, Clemont, John, Me, Patrice)

We made it to France and we're loving every second!!
The past two days we stayed with my cousin Francoise and her husband Jean Pierre.  My cousin Clemont came into to Soisy from La Rochelle to have dinner with us last night and I met a few more members of my family (my dad's cousin Patrice and his wife Martina).  I already feel like I have so many stories that I know John and I are going to look back on and laugh about for a long time!  My cousin Francoise told my dad that he should have taught me French growing up (since my mom doesn't speak French, it just wasn't spoken in our home, but my Grandmere spoke it all the time of course).  So the language barrier has been an adjustment, but many people speak English and Spanish, so we've been fortunate!

I loved this little video that I recently found by Albin Holmqvist .
John and I are quickly learning many French words and phrases like je suis desole (I'm Sorry!) that are coming in this morning when I blew out Francoise's transformer in her upstairs bathroom when I tried to use my American hairdryer with an adapter (in my defense, I thought if you used an adapter, you could plug in anything...not the case :)  Hopefully the burning electrical smell has dissipated by now!!!  So far we've visited Versailles, the French countryside (oh my goodness...GORGEOUSNESS!!!  Just as I've always dreamed it would be!  Don't get me started on the beautiful homes here!) Rouen, Caen, and tomorrow we drive to the famous Normandy Beaches and down to Le Mont Saint Michel.  We are actually staying ON the island in a hotel there!  There are only 44 rooms total on the island, so it's amazing that we were able to book a room!  And then on Tuesday we drive to Paris to our apartment that we've rented!  I've already taken countless photos and can't wait to share some more of our adventures.  If you have any must-see, must-do suggestions, PLEASE share!
Well, it's almost midnight here, so I will say Bon noir for now...

A date with mama!

Sugary pink donuts covered in 'sparkles'

Holding hands

Watching cars drive by and announcing their colors

Licking said pink frosting off each bite before popping it into his mouth

(taken with my phone...not bad for a phone pic)

Taking a final peek at the donut case and all the yummy choices you can choose from next time and...
 ...falling asleep on the drive home (him, not me) ;)

This is how we spent our Valentine's Day afternoon!

I love the memory we made and I love him forever!