Monday, April 11, 2011

A fresh idea for Easter

A very happy Monday to everyone :)
Did you have a fun weekend?  Ours was pretty simple...we played at the park on Saturday and went out to lunch.  I did a little shopping for my boy...he's growing so quickly that his pants were looking like capris!  We went to church on Sunday and took long afternoon naps.  Ahh, pretty low key and relaxing...just what we all needed after a super busy week!

And while we were out and about, we saw many signs of spring popping up all around us!  I'm reminded that Easter is right around the corner!  

Growing up, my mom made me and my sisters really charming Easter baskets with an assortment of festive candies and little gifts.  They were so cute and colorful!  She and my dad hid them around the house is some really unusual places and we had to hunt for them :)  I can't wait to do that for Michael this year!

Sidenote:  If you ever decide to hide an Easter basket in the oven, don't forget about it and push 'Preheat' in preparation for Sunday dinner's hot-cross buns :)  Mom, I don't think any of us will ever forget about that one!  I love you :)

I wanted to make a simple craft for the upcoming holiday that would maximize the cute factor of any Easter Basket!  Thus, here is the Carrot Box Template :)

It's beyond easy and super quick!  And with so many adorable scrapbook papers out there and ribbon choices galore, you can create lots of cute combos to give away...put them in a basket and deliver them to your friends and neighbors or mail them to your grandkids.  Lots of possibilites!

Just click here and print the pattern onto cardstock.  Cut out the shape on the red lines and trace it onto your heavy scrapbook paper using PENCIL (that way you can erase any lines you might see later).

Then, using a scoring tool (if you don't have one, just gently use the end of your scissor blade), line a ruler up where the gray lines would appear on the pattern (so much faster than actually tracing the gray lines and then scoring).  Then you just fold all the scored lines and make it into a box.  I used a glue gun to close the side edges.  

Fill it with a tasty treat (smaller candies work best) and tie a ribbon around the top!

It's an unexpected and creative surprise that I'm sure anyone would be happy to receive!


  1. Found your post on Craftgawker! I LOVE it! Couldn't help but share it on my polka dotted blog.

  2. SUPER cute!! I'm totally gonna make some for Easter!! Thanks!

  3. Just found you on Visiting Teaching Surprise blog...had to check out your cute idea! I love your carrots and I am going to be making them for my family, thanks!

  4. Love it!!!!♥♥♥
    Thank you!!!!!

  5. Okay, I am not usually too crafty and my attempts usually end in a pile of mess on the floor. But I just made my first one of these and it looks like it's supposed to and I couldn't be more excited! Thanks for sharing such a cute craft easy enough for even me!

  6. Thanks for the sweet words everyone :) I'm thrilled you all love making them as much as I do!! Aren't they super easy?! Michelle, SO GLAD you enjoyed making them and I'm happy to hear there was no mess for ya! It's all about having fun with it, right? :)

  7. these are really nice Emily! I am hoping to try it soon! love the idea of something simple to make the basket look better :) Cute blog too!

  8. These are so wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing them. I'd love to share them on my blog today. I will credit and link back to you. If this is a problem, please let me know.

  9. Awesomeness! I just made one to try - I think this template would work for ANY occasion. Shame all the birthdays in my house have passed til October lol
    Thanks, this is adorable


  10. Such cute and sweet spring or Easter gifts!

  11. AnonymousJune 01, 2012

    I can't access the template... how can i get one? would love to make these for my kids at church.

  12. Found you on pinterest! Sharing with my crafty followers!

  13. Emily! Remember me? :) How are you and John? I found this CUTE carrot template through Pinterest, and when I came to the site it was from, I was delightfully surprised to find it was your blog! You have some of the cutest ideas! My family is coming over for Easter dinner and I wanted to have a cute Easter favor by their plates, and I think this will be just the thing! Thanks!!