Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Have you ever heard the saying...

...Tuesday's child is full of grace?  Michael was born on a Tuesday and I really would agree that his little disposition is one of kindness and compassion for others (unless he's ready for a nap...then he gets a little touchy...probably like most of us, including me!)  The poor kiddo has been sick for a week with a cold.    I ended up getting hit hard with it too, hence the lack of blogging.  But we're finally feeling loads better now and since my husband John is in Italy for work this week, I thought we would come over to Grammy and Grand-dad's house in Wenatchee to enjoy some gorgeous sunshine and bright blue skies!  IT.HAS.BEEN.WONDERFUL!!!!!  I've been taking Michael to all my favorite spots...
...the library for story time,
the park,
my favorite panaderia where I get these strawberry and coconut rolls...I wish I knew what they were called...they aren't too sweet, but oh so yummy,
and of course just running general errands.  

Yesterday while doing a bit of grocery shopping, Michael made sure to tell everyone "Nice to meet you!" as we walked past them :)  He also offered to share his lollipop with every child he passed and was quite offended when they didn't take him up on his offer :)

It's been a nice change of scenery to be back in my hometown and share it with Michael.  I always come across dear friends too which is one of the best parts.  Yesterday I ran into my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Mary Olson...isn't that the perfect teacher name?!  We both recognized each other...decades of teaching 1,000's of children and she still knew who I was!!  Whoa, I was impressed!!

So like I said, we're in Wenatchee this week just enjoying our time together.  I'm going to try and fit in some art time too so I can finally show you some stuff that I've been working on.  Thank goodness I have such a happy little helper to keep me company while coloring and creating.  I'll also spend some quiet hours at night putting together Michael's Easter basket!  I'm excited :)

And if you're like me, you might have some ideas of your own for an Easter treat or two!  Below are some creative and beautiful gifts that I'm sure any art-minded friend would love to receive!

I HAVE to make this Beautiful Bouquet someday!!!

This adorable cupcake stand would look cute even without any sugary treats on it!

How cool are these whimsical earrings?!

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping she makes a Washington one soon!

This charming children's mobile would add so much character to any little one's bedroom.

Hope your week is off to a lovely start!

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