Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My very own CUSTOM FABRIC!

Something I've been wanting to do for, like, ever :)

I finally designed and ordered some custom fabric from Spoonflower.  Have you ever heard of it?  I first learned of it on a blog at least a year ago.  You can upload any design and they will print it for you on all types of fabric...upholstery, linen, quilting weight, even knit fabric like jersey.  SOOOO EXCITED!!!!  I can't believe it has taken me so long to get it done, but with the art festival coming up, I definitely wanted some of my custom fabric to be included in my sewing projects.  

First, I sketched out some designs...
 ...refined them a bit and colored them...

...and then arranged them into a pattern.

Spoonflower has many repeat options like basic repeat, half-drop, half-brick, and more.

So allow me to introduce you to the two patterns I just geared toward girls, the other for boys...

 'A Bike Ride Through the Tulips'
I was inspired by the Tulip Festival relatively close to Seattle.  And I've had visions of cute bicycles and windmills in my head for months now...they all came together perfectly and I'm so pleased!  And what would a bike ride be without stopping off for some yummy ice cream?  Oh, and I love the shades that she's wearing :)  Can. not. wait to use this fabric for making dolls/doll clothing/aprons/bags/quilts/etc.!

 'Camping With My Dragon'
This one brings a smile to my heart!  S'mores...need I say more?  And who better to bring along than your dragon?  You'll always be warm around the campfire and have an endless supply of freshly roasted marshmallows!!  Mmmmm :)  I really wanted to make one for the little guys!  Chocolate, camping, and getting dirty...all boy-approved ingredients for a grand time!  I think Michael would agree :)

I learned A LOT doing this!  I made many phone calls regarding the correct color profiles, spent hours choosing color schemes, tried and didn't like the outcome, tried again and again until I was satisfied with the final product.  But now I feel so much more confident in doing it correctly and can't wait to design more in the future!

Have any of you ever designed fabric with Spoonflower?  There is a lot fabric on there and if you don't feel like designing your own, you can choose from thousands of designs to purchase.  The fabric is pricier than at a chain store, obviously.  It's all custom and so worth it if you have a very specific idea in mind.  I will be making my fabric available for purchase soon...probably within the next month after I receive my order.  If you would like to search for it on Spoonflower, my designer name is Recipe4Cute...pretty easy :)  Hooray for learning something new and completing a goal!  Feels good :)


  1. That is the most amazing thing I've heard/seen this week!

    I also LOOOVE your designs! Too cute!!

  2. oh, i really love your fabric designs! how much fun is that?!

  3. Watching Project Runway I found out about custom fabric and it seem like a really fun thing to do. I wonder what you will make out of it :-)

  4. AnonymousMay 12, 2011

    Emily these are fantastic!! I have to say I'm definitely drooling over the dragon. SO cute. Thank goodness I can't sew.