Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thank you, Mr. Postman!

Hello, hello!  Just wanted to pop in to say hi!  Life is bustling right now (in great ways!), so I haven't sat down to blog much.  But this cupcake was just too cute and I had to snap a photo of it last week (my sister bakes the BEST treats!).  

My 30th birthday was wonderful!  John spoils me and I always feel so loved!  He took the day off (a Monday no less!) and we went out to my favorite Seattle spot for breakfast, Portage Bay Cafe.  Mmmm, it was heavenly!  I ordered the lemon curd and blueberry french toast and John ordered eggs benedict.  We ordered migas for Michael, but they were SUPER spicy, so we ended up eating those for lunch later in the day :)  Breakfast for lunch too...my fave!  After breakfast, John took me to do a little shopping and then we came home to put Michael down for his nap and I took one too...lovely!  I woke up to the smell of pumpkin pie baking.  My sweetheart of a husband baked me two pies for my birthday "cake", complete with fresh whipped cream.  Nummers :)  We ate lunch and took Michael to the park to play.  When we came home, our friends Debe and Rob were waiting for us in our driveway.  John told me that they were going to watch Michael so we could go on a date that night, but...
...when I opened our front door, all of our friends jumped out and yelled "SURPRISE!!".  Oh my goodness, should I tell you that I was so startled that I started crying?!  HAHA, silly but true :)  I quickly started laughing and gave everyone hugs so I could stop shaking.  John thinks I'm the most difficult person to surprise because I always suspect something, but I was no doubt surprised this time :)  A HUGE hug and thank you to everyone who made the day so special for me!  

All of that excitement was over a week ago and since then, I've been doing lots of crafting and illustrating around these parts.  Probably the reason why it's been a little quieter around this blog...

A fluffy package of wool felt arrived in the mail...I was running REALLY low and it's just in time!  Aren't all the colors gorgeous together?!  Lots more crafting ahead...lots of projects to share...lots to do to prepare for the art festival.  
What's keeping you busy these days?


  1. I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday!

    I've been trying to trade in crafting for getting my hands in the dirt lately - planting a garden!

    BUT I'd totally be up for another girly craft night - or just playing at the park - or you can finally come over and play on our computer too - sorry I dropped the ball there! Sounds like life has been busy good-busy for all of us lately!

    Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. OH Em, so sorry I didn't end up making the surprise party:( Boo on me! But I am so so glad you had a fun day! And hey, any man that can cook in the kitchen is a winner:) So cute he made you some pies! It's fun you've been keeping busy with all your art stuff and such. Can't wait to see all your final productions!

    Tysh and I hit up Matthews beach today for a bit and I should have called you! Wishing you were there too. Next time, for sure!

    Happy 30. You still look like you're in your 20's though. So life is good! ha ha. I'll be 30 before I know it, and I'll probably freak out a bit when I reach that mark.

  3. Love your blog, where do you get your wool felt?

  4. Hi Nancy!
    There are many great places to get wool felt.
    Etsy is a wonderful resource! So, some shops on Etsy that I would recommend are...
    GiantDwarf...Sue has an eco wool felt blend that I love!
    Another good store on Etsy is MaterialEvidenceShop. It's 100% wool, so it's super rich and soft.
    If you are local to Seattle, Clover Toys over in Ballard also carries wool felt. I bought some there years ago, so call ahead to make sure they have it in stock.
    Good luck and thanks for reading :) If you make something fun, send me a pic!

  5. Hello! I just found your blog from another craft site that linked to your elastic skirt tutorial. I am loving your craftiness and also the fact that you are from Seattle... I lived there for five years before we were stationed in middle-of-nowhere Georgia. Keep up the blogging, it's inspiring me to be creative! Oh and happy late birthday!