Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We had a blue sky Wednesday

Today in Seattle, blue skies and sunshine were abundant!  HOORAY!!  I kept thinking to myself, 'Wow, the sky is REALLY blue!!'  It was a gorgeous day!  
We went to visit some friends this morning, ran a few errands, stopped and bought some fresh bread (cinnamon was Michael's choice) and went to the park this afternoon and played with more friends for 2 hours.  Needless to say, Michael is sound asleep for the night :)  This week John has been in Germany for work again and it's so quiet here at night...but he comes home tomorrow and I can't wait!!  This weekend is going to be big...

Every year we go home to Wenatchee for the Apple Blossom Festival.  Apples are a huge deal's known as the "Apple Capitol of the World".  Lots of agricultural jobs and orchards covering the mountains.  I grew up going to the orchards with my dad (he's a tree scientist) and we even had a small orchard of our own.  In the summer, we would hop out of bed, run outside and down the hill and pick fresh apricots off the tree for breakfast.  And there would be bowls and bowls of fruit...overflowing.  Lots of jam and cobblers and pies...the list goes on :)

Image #148170

So we'll be heading home for the weekend.  A parade, yummy food, a carnival, time with my sisters, sun-shiny weather, grammy and grand-dad, George the's going to be lovely!
And let's not forget Mother's Day on Sunday!!!
On days like today, when it's a little more exhausting doing it all by myself, I'm in awe of every mother out there who works so hard for her children.  Mothering truly is a labor of love...and most of the time it really is hard work!  So much responsibility to teach and care for such pure little spirits.  Yet, when they run up to you and put their hands on your cheeks and give you a big squeeze and say 'I love you too mama!', no feeling in the world can compare...simply put, It's the BEST!!  Of course, you don't need to have children of your own to be a mother.  Mothering is when we truly care for something that is living...a friend, neighbor, sibling, even something as common as a house plant :)  It's the time and energy we dedicate to rearing and nurturing.  

And on Monday, it's my birthday...and not just any 30th birthday!!!  WHOA!!  Really?!  I thought I just graduated from high school not all that long ago...yet, it was 12 years true what they say...time flies when you're having fun!
So many memories,
new experiences,
lessons learned,
...I'm ready to create more moments to cherish  :)  I'll admit, 30 does sound "older", but I don't feel older, nor do I care about the stigma associated with the big 3-0.  So BRING IT ON!!  I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!!!  The day just feels different, doesn't it?!  Ha, do you feel that way too?  


I'm loving all of these beautiful photos!!!  So much color inspiration...I adore the pink, teal, coral, turquoise, mustard yellow combo.  I found these today on Pinterest...something about beautiful styling and of my indulgences, so I thought I'd share.

I haven't been around the blogging world much in the past two weeks because I've been using my very little free time to work on something big.  I'll be back on Monday to share my news with you (and no, I'm NOT pregnant for those of you who have already had that thought cross your mind) ;) I think my 30th will be the perfect day to make the announcement...

Hand-Dyed Jute Twine - Peach - Treasury Pick

And lastly, can I just say from the bottom of my little heart that I truly appreciate all your kind words and comments (even when some of my posts have type-o's)!!  Wow, I'm always impressed when someone takes a moment to actually stop and write me...just so ya know, it means a lot to me!  It's like opening up a little gift each time.  And it inspires me to be better about speaking up and complimenting others more, be it on blogs or in real, everyday life.  So a big hug to you all for being so wonderful yourselves and I'll see ya back here on Monday (and maybe even before then if I can sneak a moment while Michael is napping)!
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  1. I hope your weekend is absolutely divine - Mother's Day and the big 3-0 birthday :) !!

    We adored the sunshine this last Wednesday and can't wait for more!!

  2. Em these pictures are SOOO pretty. total eye candy. makes me want to go get some pretty flowers. i love that second photo...that green is my all time fav color. I love birthdays! Hope yours is so awesome! It was fun seeing you. Let's do it again.