Monday, June 6, 2011

There is SUNSHINE in my soul today!!!

Yep, I'm alive :)  And here on the blog, no less!!  Just busy living and enjoying life...playing with my son, taking care of my family, and squeezing time in here and there to get ready for an upcoming art festival in July!  Can't wait :) This is just one of the watercolors I've been busy painting.  I love to paint and create and use color.  It's such a relaxing process.  It's always a marvel to me what our imaginations can create!

I had a dream last night that the festival arrived and it was 30 miles from my house (when in reality it's MUCH closer)!  I couldn't get to my booth because of rush hour traffic and when I did actually get there,  I had nothing to show :P  I woke up feeling much better about the reality of my situation :) 

This weekend in Seattle (and continuing into this week!!) is was p.e.r.f.e.c.t weather!  PERFECT I tell ya!!  My sister Ann was in town and we made fun plans!  
We packed up the car on Saturday with a picnic lunch, 
sand pail, 
and a soccer ball for good measure, 
picked up a few Top Pot doughnuts on the way out of our neighborhood, 
and headed to one of my very favorite places in this beautiful city: Discovery Park.

It feels like an escape to me from the 'big city'.  I grew up in the much MUCH smaller town of Wenatchee and as much as I adore Seattle, I think the small-town girl will always be very much a part of me.  I love going to the grocery store and planning on running into a friend and never fighting with traffic :)  Of course, who wants to fight traffic...maybe if you're listening to a good book on CD?!

The park is gorgeous with lots of trails to explore.  There are steep bluffs to look out over and the BEST view of Mt. Rainier in my humble opinion ;)

This is a new favorite photo!  I absolutely LOVE LOVE it!!  Thanks for taking it Ann!  Look at that sweet grin on my baby's face just holding onto his mom and dad.  He was completely soaking at this point...his shorts were falling off every other step.  He's a water baby just like me :)

My love, me and Mt. Rainier...3's not a crowd in this photo!

A baby seal came to visit while we were playing!  We watched him swim up and waddle onto the shore.  Michael wanted to touch him of course...I guess I did too for that matter :)  HE WAS SO DARN CUTE!!!  Just relaxin' and enjoying the sunshine with the rest of us!

  'Hey mom, there's Auntie Ann!'

HAHA!  This picture just makes me laugh...clearly I need to do some more stretching...pilates, yoga, something!!  I'm not flexible enough to touch my toes anymore :P  It's good to be able to laugh at yourself I think...not take life too seriously.

 This photo makes me smile!  I love you Ann!  We're so glad you could spend the weekend with us!

 John and Michael sneaking up on the waves and then RUNNING AWAY as fast as possible :)  Laughing fits ensued!
 Pure joy on his face!

Hip Hip Hooray for beautiful weather and the best company!
I hope your weekend was beautiful in any shape or form no matter the weather.  I just have to say that I receive the sweetest comments from my dear readers, most of whom I've never met.  They mean so much to me and the fact that total strangers would comment on my lil' ol' crafty blog?!?!  That's pure kindness and it doesn't go unnoticed, so I truly thank you for the sweet words of encouragement :)


  1. So glad you got out to enjoy it! Discovery park is one our FAVE spots, too! (For lots of reasons...but also because that's where we got engaged!)

    call me soon- I'd love to catch up and chat with you!

    fingers crossed for more sunshine this week!

  2. Oh Em, LOVE when you update! I can't believe that Seal!!? That is soooo cute!! Oh my gosh. And love the jumping pics:) The one of just you and John is very cute. You guys are a smokin' couple. I just love your illustrations! I seriously can't wait for the art show. I have Ruby's you made for her birthday hanging in her room and it makes me smile every time I look at it. When you get your stuff in your show, I want to buy a few prints to frame for the playroom or somethin'. Such cute stuff!

    p.s. Go Seattle Sun! Hope it sticks!!!

  3. AnonymousJune 06, 2011

    The watercolors are so pretty. Wow. But seriously the photos are just amazing. Gorgeous. I'm drooling. I want to come play too!

  4. Amazing photos! Love them, great effects. And your artwork is beautiful. I really enjoy your blog :O)

  5. I am smiling!!!
    thank you!

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