Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Shop is O-P-E-N!!!

 Hip Hip Hooray!!!  At long last, my Etsy Shop is back up and running!!

I have LOTS AND LOTS of fun moments to share with you about the art festival this past weekend! This is honestly the first night that I've had a chance to spend an hour with my husband (sans working) before we fall asleep and I just want to cuddle up and watch a movie together.

I will say that the festival was one of the best experiences of my life thus far.  I know that might seem like an exaggeration, but I will explain more :)  For me, last weekend was a lifelong dream come true!

Okay, I'll be back soon with the full recap...
A sneak peek at my booth...oh my goodness, I have sooo many more photos :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

FAQ: What inspires me?

I'm often asked what inspires my artwork.  Hmmm, so so so many answers pop in my head when that question is posed!  Today I want to share an example.  One source of constant inspiration for me is photography.  Being a photographer myself, I've come to appreciate the fact that you can capture a simple moment, a sliver of time, and make it last forever.    

While John and I were vacationing in Paris this past February, we were walking down the famous steps in Montmartre and I saw a lovely image before me.  A mother and daughter, hand in hand:  the mother making sure her child was safe and secure, while her daughter held tightly to her stuffed puppy.  

I pointed it out to John and he encouraged what I was already thinking...snap a picture QUICK!  
Now I'm so glad that I did!   

'Lead me, Guide me' 8x10 watercolor

This is my interpretation of that seemingly simple moment.  We all have them, these moments.  These day to day instances that might seem common and ordinary, but mean much more that we often realize.  When I catch myself in one of these moments, I make a conscious decision to take it in and preserve the memory (as best as I can).  An example: walking on the windy, yet sunny beach in Tofino, Canada, my 6 month old pudgy Michael snuggled in my arms, his cheek pressed against mine while I study his sweet little profile close-up because I know he's growing up all too quickly.

This print (as well as many more) will be available for purchase at the Art Festival this weekend and in my Etsy shop shortly.  

So now I'm curious, what inspires your creativity?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Let Freedom Ring!

I found this beautiful American flag posted on the side of a house in my neighborhood the other day while Michael and I were on our way to buy some fresh strawberries.  Isn't it huge?!  
I couldn't believe my eyes at first!  And so patriotic!  
I love this me, it means family, freedom, and gratitude.
Wishing everyone in the USA a very happy and safe Independence Day!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Passing it along...

I just had to share some fun DIY's I've found recently!  Simple, functional, colorful ideas that make me happy :)
Glitter Tape
Make your own glitter tape!  Ooo, I'm thinking of all the fun uses for this already...birthday party favors, wedding announcements, really any holiday (glitter comes in so many colors now!).  Can't wait to get started on this!
Such a great way to capture your favorite cities or vacation spots. And so easy!  Then every time you look at the individual maps, you'll recall your fond memories.  I love reliving bits and pieces of special vacations!  You could even mix it up and do a mixture of maps and your own photos from the specific destinations.  All the touristy ephemera I've been collecting over the years isn't just going to sit in a box anymore :)

A spin on the traditional dry erase board.  It would add some color and pattern while being functional.  You could use any type of wrapping paper (the kind that comes in big, individual sheets...most stationary stores carry it), scrapbook paper, even fabric.  Instead of doing a menu board, I would probably make calendar boxes or just leave it blank to write love notes or inspirational quotes. 

Make colorful bowl covers to fit any size bowl for all of your bbq's or summer picnics!  In the tutorial, she uses regular fabric.  You could also use oilcloth (just a coated fabric) so the food wouldn't stain all your hard work in case it splashes.)  Love this idea!

Alright, off to work for a couple of hours while Michael enjoys a little play-date at his friend's house.  I hope to be back before the weekend kicks off with a photo from my neighborhood...something that made me smile.  Hope you're having a beautiful day!

New illustrations

 Are you like me and enjoy seeing the workspaces of artists?  Ha ha, maybe, maybe not!  I always think it's interesting and beautiful to see where other artists create.  And trust me, I've been *creating* up a storm!!!  Hence the lack of blogging lately, but I have SO MANY fun projects to post...just give me another week until the art festival prep is done and I promise I'll be back with some great tutorials!

I figured I was painting everything else...might as well include my toes :)

Then I got a little camera happy and captured my midnight-thirty hair-do or lack of one.  I'm a pretty laid-back kind of girl, especially when I'm painting.  

Here are a couple I've recently finished...

 'I Carry Your Heart' 8x10 watercolor
'Special Delivery' 8x10 Watercolor

I think I've made messes in every single room in our house (minus Michael's room and the bathroom) with all my felt clippings, papers, brushes, ribbons, fabric scraps, and paint trays.  I'm loving the process and can't wait to show you all the goodies!  These two illustrations are just a sneak peek :)    

Next week, I'll update my good ol' Etsy shoppe with professional art prints of my illustrations that I'll also have for sale at the festival.  Are any of you local Seattle-ites?  I'd love to see you there.  Come and say hi to me :)  It's going to be twice as big as last year, with lots of free concerts, puppet shows and face painting for the children, yummy food from local vendors like Veraci Pizza and Half Pint Ice Cream, and loads of amazing artists, photographers, sculptors, painters.  I attended a festival meeting last weekend and all of the artists are so encouraging and such kind souls.  I have butterflies in my stomach from excitement!  For readers out there who aren't in the United States, is that a statement you would use?  As much work as this festival prep has been, I absolutely love it and I'm not tired of it.  Yes, I'm tired and I should really be in bed right now, but not tired of creating.  I have more ideas than I have time for.  But everything has its season.  So I'm jotting down lots of lists for upcoming projects :)  More to come very soon!!