Thursday, July 7, 2011

FAQ: What inspires me?

I'm often asked what inspires my artwork.  Hmmm, so so so many answers pop in my head when that question is posed!  Today I want to share an example.  One source of constant inspiration for me is photography.  Being a photographer myself, I've come to appreciate the fact that you can capture a simple moment, a sliver of time, and make it last forever.    

While John and I were vacationing in Paris this past February, we were walking down the famous steps in Montmartre and I saw a lovely image before me.  A mother and daughter, hand in hand:  the mother making sure her child was safe and secure, while her daughter held tightly to her stuffed puppy.  

I pointed it out to John and he encouraged what I was already thinking...snap a picture QUICK!  
Now I'm so glad that I did!   

'Lead me, Guide me' 8x10 watercolor

This is my interpretation of that seemingly simple moment.  We all have them, these moments.  These day to day instances that might seem common and ordinary, but mean much more that we often realize.  When I catch myself in one of these moments, I make a conscious decision to take it in and preserve the memory (as best as I can).  An example: walking on the windy, yet sunny beach in Tofino, Canada, my 6 month old pudgy Michael snuggled in my arms, his cheek pressed against mine while I study his sweet little profile close-up because I know he's growing up all too quickly.

This print (as well as many more) will be available for purchase at the Art Festival this weekend and in my Etsy shop shortly.  

So now I'm curious, what inspires your creativity?


  1. I love that painting. I cannot wait to go to the art festival this weekend. I just tried to peek into your Etsy shoppe because I'm dying to see all your cute painting, and it's closed. Brilliant :) You are oh so talented.

    As far as what inspires me. Of course the babe, beautiful fabric, and just people in general. I love me a good cause. Reading about people who are making a difference moves me to be more proactive. Makes me want to save the world. :)

  2. You are AMAZINGLY talented! I hope your show this weekend is perfect!!

    And I love the photo you captured just as much as the painting you created! Both are so inspiring ... and they remind me to be more gentle as a mother, especially when sleep deprived and stressed :) !!

  3. I love that photo! It's perfect!! But I love your drawing even more. You did it once am I ever going to choose which ones to buy if they're all this cute. Seriously. I love them all. You should really write a childrens book with all your cute illustrations, too. You know, like you don't have enough going on right now as it is. he he. Just saying. I love how the rain droplets turn into hearts... my fav part of the drawing. And how the mom's hand is on her back. It's all so darling.

    Hmmm. What inspires me? Long drives or road trips that are scenic, where you get to think and imagine and talk without interruptions. Long walks with the family where you look at nature. Wide open spaces, fields of any kind, music. Beautiful photography, interior design, poetry, pretty flowers, architecture and other creative people like yourself!

    Can't wait for this weekend and the art show!

  4. This is so sweet. Your art work is beautiful.