Monday, July 4, 2011

Let Freedom Ring!

I found this beautiful American flag posted on the side of a house in my neighborhood the other day while Michael and I were on our way to buy some fresh strawberries.  Isn't it huge?!  
I couldn't believe my eyes at first!  And so patriotic!  
I love this me, it means family, freedom, and gratitude.
Wishing everyone in the USA a very happy and safe Independence Day!


  1. My husband recieved a massive flag when he re-enlisted in Afghanistan, it was the flag he stood infront of actually! We'd both love to fly it, but our HOA would most likely fine us, so we just fly a regular sized one: )

    Happy Fourth!

  2. Thanks for sharing that special memory :) I wish you could fly it too! Our prayers go out to all of the men and women serving this country so selflessly (including their families!).