Friday, July 1, 2011

Passing it along...

I just had to share some fun DIY's I've found recently!  Simple, functional, colorful ideas that make me happy :)
Glitter Tape
Make your own glitter tape!  Ooo, I'm thinking of all the fun uses for this already...birthday party favors, wedding announcements, really any holiday (glitter comes in so many colors now!).  Can't wait to get started on this!
Such a great way to capture your favorite cities or vacation spots. And so easy!  Then every time you look at the individual maps, you'll recall your fond memories.  I love reliving bits and pieces of special vacations!  You could even mix it up and do a mixture of maps and your own photos from the specific destinations.  All the touristy ephemera I've been collecting over the years isn't just going to sit in a box anymore :)

A spin on the traditional dry erase board.  It would add some color and pattern while being functional.  You could use any type of wrapping paper (the kind that comes in big, individual sheets...most stationary stores carry it), scrapbook paper, even fabric.  Instead of doing a menu board, I would probably make calendar boxes or just leave it blank to write love notes or inspirational quotes. 

Make colorful bowl covers to fit any size bowl for all of your bbq's or summer picnics!  In the tutorial, she uses regular fabric.  You could also use oilcloth (just a coated fabric) so the food wouldn't stain all your hard work in case it splashes.)  Love this idea!

Alright, off to work for a couple of hours while Michael enjoys a little play-date at his friend's house.  I hope to be back before the weekend kicks off with a photo from my neighborhood...something that made me smile.  Hope you're having a beautiful day!

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  1. I am intrigued about the bowl covers. I've been making my own glitter tapes and custom paper tapes so this one is the one that attracts me. It really looks so good. A creative of keeping those food away from dirt and microorganisms.