Monday, August 8, 2011

Children's Interior Design

Happy happy Monday everyone!  A little cutie pie came and woke me up rather early this morning, so I'm up and (almost) ready to go for the day.  Looking out the window, I'm in need of some color on this gray Monday morning here in Seattle.
When I design color schemes for my illustrations, I try and choose combinations that will work well with children's interiors and ones that will evoke feelings of playfulness and creativity.  There are times when I completely start over on a piece if I don't end up loving the color combination.  

I found this adorable playroom on Pinterest the other day and thought these illustrations would fit perfectly!  I am also looking into larger format prints, so I will let you know when those are available.    

girl's rooms - green roman shades bookshelf red purple green yellow striped rug art pink glider ottoman window seat pink cushion green gourd lamp yellow walls girl's room playroom

I also LOVE the patterns and textures in this little boy's nursery.  The quilt with all its different colors is so cute!  And the garland adds such a sweet (and safe) touch above the crib.


With the subtle gray-colored wall as the backdrop, any one of these illustrations would really pop and add so much charm to this room, stand alone or grouped together in a mini art collage.  Also, adding a mat to your artwork makes it look larger and professionally framed (in my humble opinion) ;)

It's fun to browse Pinterest (in the few spare moments that I can find) and soak up all the beauty and  creativity in this world.  I love how a simple image can be the inspiration for a new creation.  Interior design is definitely eye candy for me.  I'm sure I'll be sharing more inspiring interior images from time to time on here with relation to my artwork.  As for now, it's pancake time with my little prince :)  

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  1. The playroom is indeed adorable! The colors used in the designing are perfectly matched!