Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It was bound to happen...

Elizabeth Lawrence
I've been thinking about this for a while now and the time has come for a change...change is good!  It's refreshing, just like the Autumn air that has been so crisp these past few mornings.  So, first I started with a new blog header...some fall colors that make me think of cozy wool blankets and falling leaves.  Secondly, a new addition to this blog!  Let me explain...as a part-time photographer specializing in children and family portraiture, I have been posting photos from recent sessions on my blog, Emmybean Photography (Emmybean was a nickname given to me by my husband).  And because I consider photography an art form as well, and my clients are cute! Cute! CUTE!, I decided that it's time to combine my two blogs into one.  If photography isn't your thing, just feel free to skip the photography posts about my recent sessions.  But I truly hope that these posts (just every now and then for clients to have a sneak peak) will add to your inspiration and enjoyment.  Personally, I find so much beauty in capturing a time that you want to hold in your heart forever...it's like transporting yourself back to that exact moment and reliving it for a second.  So grateful for this gift!!  If you are curious about session details including a price list, please contact me through my email address:  recipe4cute(at)gmail(dot)com.  Thanks guys!!
Anyhoo, it feels great to have one less blog to take care of and focus more on this one!!  I'm not saying that I will be posting 7 days a week...that's just not my style because I'm a mama right now and blogging isn't my #1 priority (just being honest and open about my priorities).  But I really do enjoy the moments I find to sit down and share bits and pieces of my life and loves with you all.  Thanks for being so supportive and so sweet :)  Your comments are like big hugs to me, so I truly thank you!  Hope life is treating you well :)    

Thursday, September 15, 2011


If ya hadn't noticed, we're on vacation around here :)

I'm simply soaking up the last few precious weeks of summer fun and sun with my two favorites.  

 Enjoying his "orange chips" and watching Thomas the Train at Spindrift in Tofino.

 He has THE best smile!  It lights up my heart!

We brought glow sticks with us and used them for a nighttime stroll on the beach.  Don't worry, we didn't let Michael chomp on them...I think he initially thought they were pixie sticks?!  They he quickly changed his idea and used them as a trumpet to make music while we walked :) 

 (Views of the sunset from the house we stay in every year...they never get old!)

(surfing is THE sport here!)

We're away in peaceful Tofino, British Columbia (Canada).  It's tradition...John and I came here on our honeymoon and we've come back every year since minus one...this marks our 7th trip.  It's our slice of heaven here on earth.  We come, relax, make delicious food, take long walks on Chesterman Beach every day, make sand castles, go swimming, stay up late with toasty roaring fires, watching movies, and eating ice cream in bed, take lots of naps (because we stayed up way too late :)  ), play countless games of Yahtzee, create with Play Dough, read stories, chase dogs (well, Michael does!), watch colorful sunsets, and enjoy just being together.  It's sooooo good to 'get away from it all'.