Monday, February 6, 2012

Free Printable Valentines!!

Hi everyone!!
My blogging has been sporadic lately, but I hope you've all been enjoying this new year so far!  I've kept myself busy exploring with my little boy, going on more dates with my husband, drawing and painting, and photographing a few little babies and sweet families here and there.  Some days I have the creative bug more than others, but when inspiration strikes, it feels so wonderful!!

Yesterday here in Seattle in was 62 degrees (F)!!!  In February!?!  How appropriate because I LOVED it !!

 Speaking of LOVE, I look forward to Valentine's Day every year!  I think the combination of reds, pinks, whites just makes my heart happy.  And it makes me recall my days in elementary school when we would make giant envelopes to hang from our desks and take turns passing out our classroom Valentines.  Believe it or not, I'm pretty sure I still have some from 1st grade from my crush :)  Haha! 

Because I love this little holiday, I wanted to give you all a Valentine and say a big THANK YOU for your sweet words of kindness and support of my art and this little blog o' mine!

I'm 'handing these out' early so you have time to use them yourself if you wish.

You can click on the link to download these printable Valentines...FREE (for personal use only, please do not sell these...thank you!)

Set Includes:
2 patterned envelopes
'You Make My Heart Leap' Valentine Cards (you can write a love note on the back)
'Happy Valentine's Day' Gift Tags

Feel free to hand these out to your classmates, neighbors, family members, and friends. 
Simply print everything out on cardstock or matte photo paper (use your printer's 'BEST' mode to ensure premium quality), cut them out...

...fold the boxes ( I used a scoring tool pictured above for really straight fold lines) and use double-sided tape or glue to put the boxes together...

...slide your Valentines inside, along with some sugary goodies, and you're ready to deliver these sweet envelopes full of friendship and love!

You can attach the gift tags to anything you wish...a bouquet of fresh tulips, a box of freshly baked cinnamon rolls, or the classic box of chocolates.  

I hope you enjoy them!  I had so much fun illustrating and painting this little ballerina and creating the envelopes and gift tags.  She is leaping for love...isn't that just the way your heart feels when you love someone?  Mine sure does!
Happy Valentine's Day my sweet friends!


  1. Adorable! It's wonderful for the rest of us when inspiration strikes you, too. :)

  2. Annndd she's back! :) Very cute, Emily...I love it.
    <3 Ann

  3. Thank you! So sweet and so cute! And so generous of you to share!