Thursday, March 15, 2012

There is beauty all around/ No. 1

I'm starting a new series here on this little blog 'o mine.
Sometimes my life feels quite ordinary and routine...days fade into weeks and before I know it, another month has come and gone.  I can hardly believe we are already halfway through March!!

Finding beauty in the 'everyday' is something I'm focusing really is all around us, ready to inspire us!  I've also found that I have more gratitude in my heart for the routine of it all because I know it will change before I realize that it's happening...reminds me of this quote:
'Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different.'
C.S. Lewis

Life lately...
1) Enjoying the twinkle lights late at night in my cozy little studio
2) Finally organizing some of my materials so I can find them more efficiently
3) Making elaborate train villages with my sidekick while it pours 5-gallon buckets of rain outside
4) My one and only plant that I've somehow managed to keep alive for a year?!  Unheard of :)

What's inspiring your day to day routine?  It's a nice way to look at life...just sayin'.


  1. Thanks for this reminder, Emily!

    I've been so sick with this pregnancy that sometimes it is hard to remember. Mostly, I feel like I'm lucky to just survive the day to day, most days. But you're right! There is beauty all around and I just need to open my droopy eyes a bit and take note. I've filled many of these rainy days with finding ways to use up my small stash of fabric - to create something for the baby or as gifts. When I don't think about how my body feels, I can say I've had a good time doing it! I will take a better look from now on! Thanks again!

  2. Thanks Em for the reminder to always look for the good in life. I need to learn how you kept your plant alive for a year.
    Something that inspires me day to day is seeing Mary's smile in the mornings. It makes me want to be the best mamma I can and enjoy every day with her.

    Thanks for the fun outing today! It was so cute to see Michael pushing Mary in the cart and when they were holding hands!

  3. I really agree with this post. We get so caught up with evryday life we miss the beautiful God has placed in our paths.
    I love the C.S Lewis quote and the pictures. Is there a program to fitting several pictures together?
    While trying to copy and paste the C.S Lewis quote I noticed you had copywrited the page making it impossible to copy and paste. How did you do that? It would really be helpful information to me seeing as I post quite a lot of pictures and plan on sharing poems I write on my blog!
    Thanks in advance :) !