Friday, April 27, 2012

Nature's Canvas

Around here, I spent most of this last week outside enjoying mother nature's artwork and took a break from creating my own.

We're fortunate enough to live about an hour away from one of the most stunning celebrations of spring...the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.  Michael and I drove up there this week with a good friend and her sweet baby girl to soak up the beauty.  Yes, it was raining quite hard on the drive up, and yes, it rained on us while we were there, but I honestly didn't mind one bit.  I just kept saying 'This is so gorgeous!!!'  Honestly, ENDLESS fields on the most vibrant tulips with the mountains and the backdrop.  Ahhh, makes me crave wide open spaces and a slower-paced life.    

Because of all the rain, the mister had THE BEST time jumping in the puddles (even when I tried to coax him out of them so he wouldn't be freezing!).  He really was so cute :)  At one point, he was yelling 'Mom, mom LOOK!'  I looked over and his boot was stuck in the mud puddle, and he was standing in his socks...needless to say he was stripped down to his t-shirt when we got back to the car and fell fast asleep on the drive home.  
Fresh air + mud puddles + endless places to explore = one happy, sleepy boy.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, too!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Under the weather...

Doesn't this art installation make you smile?  I love it!  Maybe it's because I live in Seattle and rain is just a part of life.  The umbrellas remind me of spring blossoms bursting forth to welcome a new season...they are out in full force here right now and it's beautiful!  Our neighborhood has lots of mature trees and taking walks in the late afternoon is one of our family's favorite ways to spend time together...just talking and getting some fresh air.  And right now we could use some fresh air.  I had anticipated posting a bit more this week, but both Michael and I are sick (with our hero out of town), so it's probably not going to happen.  That's just how life goes sometimes, so we're rolling with it :)  Here's to getting healthy soon!  

Coming up:
Highlights from our recent trip
New art and new projects
Thoughts on a subject most creative people wrestle with from time to time

Friday, April 13, 2012

Simple Organizing Tip for Crafters

I think art supplies are beautiful...miniature works of art themselves.  I know that's why I can spend hours in craft stores (not that I have that kind of free time!) and feel so inspired!  

In France, the yogurt and chocolate pudding come in the cutest little glass jars.  So when we picked up some strawberry yogurt to snack on this past trip, I kept the jars with this simple project in mind:  organizing my watercolor tubes.  Before now, they sat mixed together in one large jar making it difficult to find the right color quickly.

It took me less than one minute to make all 3...just wrap it around and you're finished!  How's that for QUICK AND EASY?! :)

I used coordinating tape for each color family of paint tubes. 

And if you don't need to organize watercolors, you can really use this tip for any craft supply...

I also thought this would look cute on a flower pot/ flower vase.  Washi tape doesn't stick permanently and easily peels off, so the looks you can create are endless :)  

I've purchased washi tape from a few different sellers on Etsy.  Most craft stores probably carry it too (look in the scrapbook section!)

It is S-U-N-N-Y outside right now in Seattle :)  Crossing my fingers it lasts through the day!
Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We're home!

Vacations are a 'good thing' as Martha would say.  Our trip was wonderful, filled with beautiful blue skies, miles of walking, and countless trips to boulangeries to buy pain au chocolat :)  I guess we walked so much that it probably hopefully equals out!  And it was the perfect amount of time because I don't think John or I could have lasted a day longer without seeing our little boy.  We both missed him SO MUCH and were thrilled when he met us at the airport!  When he saw me crying (tears of joy of course!!), I think it worried him and he offered to share his Easter candy with me that he had in the car...he is so tender-hearted and I love that about him.

I'll be back later this week with some more photos as soon as I attack our mountain of laundry and go grocery shopping for food other than cheese and chocolate :) haha!