Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Under the weather...

Doesn't this art installation make you smile?  I love it!  Maybe it's because I live in Seattle and rain is just a part of life.  The umbrellas remind me of spring blossoms bursting forth to welcome a new season...they are out in full force here right now and it's beautiful!  Our neighborhood has lots of mature trees and taking walks in the late afternoon is one of our family's favorite ways to spend time together...just talking and getting some fresh air.  And right now we could use some fresh air.  I had anticipated posting a bit more this week, but both Michael and I are sick (with our hero out of town), so it's probably not going to happen.  That's just how life goes sometimes, so we're rolling with it :)  Here's to getting healthy soon!  

Coming up:
Highlights from our recent trip
New art and new projects
Thoughts on a subject most creative people wrestle with from time to time


  1. oh no! you and the boy sick with the hubby gone...feel better soon:) I'm gonna come drop you off some soup or something. I'm serious too. How does tomorrow around 5 sound?? Hugs and hang in there.

  2. ok i'm such a dope. just realized that i have a stake primary presidency training/leadership meeting tomorrow evening that I forgot about. what about Friday instead?

  3. Allegra, that is so thoughtful :) Don't worry though...John is actually getting home tomorrow afternoon which will be nice! I wouldn't want you to catch it anyway...just a bad cold. But when we're all healthy, we should get the boys together to play...ever since the lake house, Michael has been talking about Max...they ended up having a lot of fun together even with the age difference.