Saturday, May 12, 2012


...I'm a perfectionist. my case, this can be a good and bad thing.  I probably change my mind way too often about things that are just fine, but when it comes to my artwork, I'm not happy with it until it's 'just right'.  So I've tweaked a few things that were buggin' me on this last piece...I was feeling like there was too much red and I wanted the piece to speak for itself, instead of having a word on the print (although if you prefer the 'Faith' printed at the top, I can print it that way too).  Now that I've changed it a bit (more), I LOVE the finished product!  If I ever change it again, you can just laugh at me :)


And I've finished the companion pieces too...



They look so sweet on their own or all lined up in a row!

They'll be listed in my shop later tonight (right now I'm headed outside to enjoy this lovely, warm, sunshine-y day!)  Wishing you a beautiful spring weekend, too!


  1. Emily!
    I love these. I especially like "Hope." She looks like me when I was little.
    I mentioned you in my recent blog post! ( I framed some of the pieces you gave me and put it in Pippa's nursery. They are so perfect.

  2. Beautiful. And I love your new banner!