Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Illustrations for Boys!

3 cheers for little boys!  I've wanted to add some more illustrations for boys to my collection and thought I'd share a couple that I've recently finished.  What little boy doesn't want to search for buried treasure and pretend he's a pirate during an afternoon at the beach?!   

And this next one just makes me smile :)  I love the soft, sweet, sleepy colors and his fluffy friend. This print would really compliment a little boy's nursery. 

I've listed both of them in my little shop.

Hope ya like 'em :)


  1. Emily, you are so talented!

  2. My little E is so into pirates these days! This is perfect ... love it :) !!

  3. So I feel like a crappy friend. :( I just found your blog. Super cute and wish I had seen it sooner. :) I wanted to wish you a happy Bday!! Love and miss you!! :) Jaimie

  4. How lovely! I found your blog and etsy shop through a friend's pin on Pinterest.
    The barrettes on your etsy shop are super cute as well.
    I'll have to remember them for my little girl who's scheduled to arrive next month :)

  5. Emily, that pirate print is spectacular. I think I'm in love because I keep coming back to it and I get a little more attached to it each time.