Monday, August 13, 2012

A Custom Handmade Doll

As mentioned in a previous post, I met a sweet woman at the art festival who asked me if I make custom dolls.  I told her that I did and we chatted some, but I didn't think she was entirely serious.  The next day, she returned with her son's vintage and very worn-out  loved doll.  I was beyond flattered, humbled, and to be honest, a bit intimidated that she would trust me enough to hold onto this vintage toy to pattern the new one after for her baby grandson (her son's little boy).  The old british guard didn't have a coat, but she requested one for this new little fella.

I had so much fun making him and dreaming up the pattern and details.  I wanted to make it all baby-friendly (ie. no hard buttons or small pieces that could possibly come loose).  I emailed her last week to show her the finished product and I'm delivering him in person this afternoon.  She responded and said she was thrilled with the new addition to the family :)  WHEW!!  Always a relief to get the 'thumbs-up' after working hard on an extra-special project!  
So here he is!  A new Palace Guard for a new generation :)  

His coat is fully removable and he has hand-embroidered eyes and a hand-stitched applique mustache.  His coat is made from wool felt, as well as his legs and hat.
And isn't it fitting that she would ask me to make this little guy while we are enjoying the Olympic Games in London?!  Haha, love it!  And to top it off, earlier this year, John and I were on vacation in London, so I had added inspiration! 

I thought I'd see how he fits into some of my photos from London for fun...
...looks like he belongs :) 

If you are interested in commissioning a custom doll, please email me at recipe4cute{at}gmail{dot}com for pricing and details. 


  1. I adore this little guy! How awesome. And yes, he fits in VERY well wandering about London. So much cooler than the teddy bears we brought home.

  2. Oh My! Is that the cutest!!! Sooo tempting to have one made for us....