Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vacations are such a good thing!

{Pics from my instagram page...feel free to follow along if you wish!}

We're back from the beach!  A week of fresh sea air, sunshine, sand between our toes, staying up until midnight to watch the Olympic Games, exploring tide pools (and doing it in your pj's if you are Michael) ice cream cones, bike rides, shopping, time with my sister, reading books in the bathtub (most of those were picture books that I read to the mister!), tasty pub food, exploring small towns, visiting museums, sketching on the beach, sleeping in until 8am and taking 3 hour naps in the afternoon, making up silly games on the beach, building sandcastles, listening to 80's music on long drives and laughing about the lyrics, hitting up all the local art galleries for inspiration...
And necessary!!  
John and I had both been working so much without a breather and needed a break to just BE.  Be together.  Be a family.  Just take a deep breath and BE.  It was rejuvenating and relaxing.  Now that we're back home, life is in full-swing and we're enjoying the beautiful summer weather around Seattle.  Getting out and exploring.  Starting lots of new projects and finishing some old ones too.  Feels good to be refreshed.

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