Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wedgwood Art Festival 2012

Hello dear readers!  My family and I are here on vacation in Cannon Beach, OR this week and it's been heavenly to be together, without a schedule of work and to-do's.  Every morning, Michael jumps out of bed, runs onto the deck overlooking the beach and announces 'Mom, the sea creatures are waking up...we better get out there!' Haha, he makes me smile every day!  

More pics of the beach coming soon, but if you want to see some now, you can follow me here for photos of highlights and things that make me smile in general:

I wanted to take a moment to share a few photos from the Wedgwood Art Festival this year.  Leading up to it, the weather was amazing, but the day before, Seattle had a major thunder/lightning storm...yes, we get a lot of rain, but we rarely get the crazy storms.  I'm talking POURING being in a shower and getting soaked within 10 seconds kind-of-rain :)  So I was worried to say the least since this festival is outdoors!  Luckily, the weather held up and we only had the tiniest bit of rain and some wind during the 2-day show.  Whew!!  Just to be safe, John got me a tent with walls this year :) 

This year, I doubled my inventory...basically made twice the amount of pencil packs and dolls since I almost sold out of both last year!  I also added about 12 new watercolor illustrations to my collection. 

A photo of my John managing the booth.  I'm so grateful for his generous support and love.  He always makes sure I have time to work on my art and takes Michael out on fun adventures so I have quiet time to work.  I'm definitely someone who needs time to myself to just 'BE'.  I've always been that way.  Even when I have a 'night off' and I'm going out, John will suggest that I call up a friend to come with me, and sometimes I do, but lots of times I enjoy my own company ;)  Anyway, I digress...he just understands me so well and I feel so loved because he supports my dreams of being an artist/illustrator/crafter/wife/mama.  I could never do this alone...we make a good team!  Thank you for being incredible, John!  I'm the luckiest girl to have you :)

Side-note: I think some of the funniest moments were when customers would approach the booth and John would casually mention that he made everything...ha, loved seeing the reactions ;)  

As my son would say, 'I spy with my little eye...'  a 'Piglets Over Paris' birthday card!  Working on the storyline/illustrations for a new children's book.

This little girl's mama bought her a second doll just in case the first one gets lost/ruined/wears out after years of love.  She told me that it's her bedtime dolly and she can't be without it...way to think ahead Kirsten :)

This little guy was soooo cute...his name is Lucky and he even smiled for the camera ;)  I saw so many sweet companions during the festival.  Lucky's owner bought 3 of my illustrations for her 'future kids'.  Wow, that was a huge compliment!  Thank you Beth!!

My Happy Little Camper

A close up of about half the dolls this year...I made more boys and the little lad with his bow tie was gone pretty quickly...a gift for a new grandson.  I was a tiny bit sad to see him go, but I know he's going to a happy home!

A group of modern dance teachers (this beautiful woman was born in Jamaica and grew up in NYC) came by my booth and we had fun chats.  Two of them bought dolls and the other bought a pencil pack for her son.  I LOVE talking to all the diverse people who come to these events.  I love hearing about others' lives...their stories, their interests, the people they hold dear and for whom they are purchasing the gifts.  I feel so fulfilled and happy to know that my art and creations are bringing others happiness as well.  I suppose that's why my motto is 'Art that will make your heart smile!'

Other highlights that made the festival so much fun:

One mom had 3 daughters and their middle names were Faith, Hope, and I customized the word 'Love' on the horse illustration to read 'Grace' so each girl could have a print.  What are the odds?!  So cool :)  

One new grandma brought me her son's old British Royal Guard doll that was very well-loved and falling apart and asked me to make a custom one for her new grandson.  Such a loving gesture for this sweet grand-baby and I felt quite humbled to be taking home her son's vintage doll to pattern the new one after...whoa, you'd better believe I'm taking EXCELLENT care of that little guy!  

Another great year!  Thank you to everyone for your wonderful family who helped take care our son leading up to the festival and also during the show, friends who stopped by and texted/emailed me the week before to show their love, and for all those people who made purchases.    Wow, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!  My cup runneth over :)  


  1. Wow, I love your work! I hope we get to see some pictures of the vintage doll replica you make. That sounds amazing!

  2. I love the beautiful simplicity of your work. I agree with Jenny - I'm excited to see the replica you're working on!